From a dream to reality

Here you can get an overview of the process of making a handcrafted log house.


First, we listen to your ideas and wishes about your dream log house. We answer your questions and advise on the size of the house, the timeframe, and budget. We will help you find an architect if necessary. The consultation is always free of charge. It is a good idea for you to visit our factory, if possible.

Concept design

To come up with an initial quote, we need an idea of the size and architectural design of the house. A simple sketch will be sufficient. We can base it on one of our previous projects or adjust a standard design.



Once the essential decisions have been made, we can agree on a specific budget and the schedule of works. If you wish to complete some of the works yourself or commission someone else to do it, we will take it into account. However, we believe that a comprehensive design ensures the best outcome.

Building permit

Before we sign the contract, we must be sure that the house can actually be built at the intended site. For this, you need to apply for a building permit at the local government.

The contract

The contract will state the final volume of works, the schedule and conditions for payment. Once the contract has been signed and the advance payment has been made, we will begin the work.

The working drawing

Our engineer will prepare final drawings and the production will be based on them. At this stage, we may still wish to clarify some details and hubs. It is also recommended to finalise the layout of rooms.

The production of walls

We use the best logs that are hand-peeled and dried in a drier with a natural method. An experienced master selects the suitable logs and these will be used for building the walls in our facility. You are always welcome to come and watch how your house is being built.





Packed logs will be transported to the site and a professional team will complete the construction. It usually takes 2-3 days to complete the walls. We will then add the roof, windows, doors, the floors and the inner walls.

The interior

The interior is completed by our carpenters or our long-standing partners. All details will be discussed with the client in advance at the quote stage and can later be adjusted when necessary because the wishes of the client may become more specific in the course of the works.


After the completion of works, an act of delivery and an acknowledgement of receipt will be signed. However, this does not mean the end of our relationship with the buyer. The client is welcome to contact us with any questions relating to after-care, extensions or other issues.

Permit of use

You must apply for a permit of use at the local government. Once the permit of use has been issued, you can move into the house.

Maintenance & aftercare

We are always happy to help after the contract period. We can help with aftercare. Depending on the specifics of the house, the settlement due to the shrinkage of the logs has to be monitored for up to three years. This may entail regulating the pillars and supporting screws, doors and windows, as well as additional sealing of corners.