We are masters of our craft

Hobbiton is specialised in handcrafted log houses.

The mission of Hobbiton is to treasure craftsmanship in the construction of modern wooden houses. We consider ourselves one of the largest producers of handcrafted log houses in Europe. We began operating in the spring of 1997, and in our 23 years of business, we have supplied more than 450 sets of handcrafted log houses of various sizes.

The majority of our houses have been sold to Estonia, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and France. Our most exotic destinations include Russia, Spain, the United States, and the island of Martinique in the Caribbean.

To make sure our orders are completed impeccably, we have created the position of a quality manager, who is tasked with ensuring the unified and maximum quality of the production of companie. We have always strived to achieve the satisfaction of our clients through our work ethic. We have learned various techniques under the supervision of leading international specialists such as George Fuller from the Norwegian Norsk Lafteskole and Joel McCarthy from the Timber Framers Guild. Andres Uus, the development manager of the company, is working as a lecturer on log house production at the Estonian University of Life Sciences and at the Viljandi Culture Academy. The directors of Hobbiton are active in developing handcrafted log house production in Estonia and abroad. We are members of the Estonian Woodhouse Association and the International Log Builders Association.

In the spring of 2017, with support from the LEADER programme, Hobbiton built a new production hall in their production unit at 14 Võru Road in Räpina. As a result of the project, the production efficiency and volume of production are increased, creating a new job, significantly improving the working and recreational conditions of employees, and making way for updating the technologies in use.

In 2018, with support from the LEADER programme, Hobbiton opened a new sawmill to improve the quality of processing raw materials and to allow us to produce additional tailor-made materials.


completed houses in Estonia and abroad


years of log house building experience


winner of log house building competitions


winner of the best handmade log house


member of Estonian Woodhouse Association


member of International Log Builders' Association