Why choose a Hobbiton house?

Handcrafted log houses have a lot of advantages.


  • A handcrafted house is like a tailor-made suit. It is created based on your wishes and needs.
  • Every log has a distinct shape, both in nature an in the wall. Human craft gives additional value to the building.
  • Log house does not have to be old-fashioned. A wide variety of architectural designs can be used.


  • Wood is nature’s building material, that is clean and renews itself in time. It has a small ecological footprint.
  • The production is sustainable with minimal waste and no big factories or machinery needed.
  • Wood transfers the saved heat slowly, according to internal temperature. It keeps pleasantly cool inside in the summer.


  • Log walls help with natural ventilation, always keeping the indoor air fresh.
  • Because of antistatic properties, there is less dust in a log house, making it especially valued for allergics.
  • Wood collects and releases moisture, creating an even and optimal indoor humidity level.


  • Wood is one of the oldest building materials. A log house can last for centuries and is easy to repair.
  • The value of a log house does not decrease with time. Like a good wine, years only add character to it.
  • Log house is a testament to its owner’s healthy lifestyle and consideration for the environment.