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Mid-sized house


139 m²



Roof height:

8,4 m

CO2 footprint

-37334 kgCO2

A house equipped with everything an average family may need — 3 bedrooms on top floor, spacious kitchen, living room, office and sauna on the ground floor. Includes a canopy for sitting outside on rainy days.


Adjust the price by clicking on different work stages. Please note that the given price indications are valid only for houses built in Estonia.

External works

foundation, water, electricity and sewerage

40 000€

Log components

building and erecting the walls and joists

48 000€

Enclosure ready

roof, external door and windows, top floor's end walls, terrace and balcony, external paint

51 000€

Interior works

heaters, stone walls, ceilings and floors, partitions, internal doors, top floor insulation, electricity works, staircase, water and sewerage works, bathroom ventilation, sauna

75 000€