A house in Siuntio (Finland)

The customer was looking for a living environment which should be as healthy as possible. Earlier the family had bad experience living in a house wrongly built and with moisture damages. With the utmost thoroughness, it was finally concluded that the only environment where the young family would like to spend the rest of their lives with their children is a house with solid wood walls and sheep wool in the roof and floor. At the request of the local government, the outside of the house had to be covered with boards – panels made of Siberian larch. A house architects: Jani Lahti/Piritta&Jens Krogell.

Piritta Krogell

“It was a very rewarding project to design and build our first own house with Hobbiton. School grade 10+ describes how great service & good quality we got from them. One could feel very safe with Hobbitons service and trust them doing their best in all the phases of the building site.”