A house in Hällingsjöe (Sweden)

This house is a true example that if a person has a vision, all it takes is a strong will and determination, and everything is possible! The idea and project of the house was born in Sweden without our consultation, and when we saw it, the first thought was of course the doubt that is it really possible to build such a house from a hand-crafted log. But it was! The result is a nature-friendly and healthy living environment with a super good aura, where you would definitely like to live!

Aita Päts

“I am really satisfied and also proud about the log house of my own design which became true thanks to the talented workers of Hobbiton. Complex architecture was a callenge for all of us and Hobbiton’s high level skills in finding solutions was of great help. I will stay thankful to Hobbiton forever, about the skillful completion of my dream living house”.