"Inside climate of a timber house is even more human-friendly than I could expect! When entering the room on a hot summer day one finds nice coolness in the house, and in wintertime the timber logs keep warm. It is achieved natural humidity balance and fresh air in my house without even using any machines – it is a good feeling living in a log house!"  

Jaanus, entrepreneur, a Hobbiton log house owner

Advantages of Log House

Nature friendly:

o Wood is pure material made by nature itself.
o Wood is self-recovering material in nature.


o Thanks to great qualities of wood the inside air is freshened continuously in a natural way.
o Thanks to antistatic qualities of wood there is less dust in a log house: this especially appreciated by allergic people.
o Natural humidity in wood is parting to inside room air in wintertime, securing the rooms with balanced and optimal air humidity.


o Wood is naturally warm material. Inside surface of a log feels comfortable, as its temperature is close to the temperature of the air around the log.
o Massive wood has low thermal conductivity but it holds heat in it. In colder periods the wood saves the gained heat and in hot periods it keeps the house cool.


o Building from logs is one of the oldest building techniques.
o A log house that is built in a right way remains in good health for centuries.

Added value:

o Value of a log house is high from a real estate objective and it can be compared with a good wine: it gets better in the course of time
o A log house is not just a building: it is also a way of thinking that prices a natural and healthy way of life and takes our surrounding milieu into consideration.


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