"It is hard to describe this emotion by words what it feels like living in a log house. Some attempts: with love from the masters, fulfilled dream, warm and comfy log house. All of our visitors have praised the pleasant smell of timber.”

Valdis Kaskema, farmer, a Hobbiton log house owner

Advantages of Handicraft

House with a soul:

o Every tree has its character: the tree preserves its natural form in the log wall.
o Human energy that is put in a handcrafted log house gives definitely added value to the building.
o In many cultures there are traditions connected to the soul of tree. In Japanese language there is even own word for this –”kodama”. Handicraft wood treatment takes best care of it.


o Building by handcraft gives us possibility to create unique solutions.

Environment friendly:

o Handcraft production gives a minimal amount of waste of the wood material.
o There is no need for a big industry or wasting machines.


o By peeling logs by hand we preserve maximum of a tree trunk and it is possible to use wall logs of a bigger size.
o In a massive log wall there is no glue layer in the wood which would impede “breathing” through the wood.


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